Partial Project Plan

Milestone 1: Build Ethereal like application that monitors ports access etc.
  1. log incoming and outgoing requests and port stuff: sort by port.
    app, src, dest, port, time open, in kb, out kb, files?
  2. build modular gui (with extensibility in mind) ... for viewing log.
Milestone 2: Implement some functionality.
  1. filter for dangerous ports/applications.
  2. filter incoming files for dangerous files.
  3. implement start as service -windows specific.
  4. implement security site lookup for dangerous files... implement use of these -perhaps not possible or plausible.
  5. monitor for exploit packets/port attempts -unkown how to make viable.
  6. implement port scan protection/monitoring... other possible basic security protections.
  7. mechanism for running exploits against self -would need to be implemented to prevent exploits from being run against other machines... perhaps only run against or perhaps allow lan addresses as well.. 192.168.X.Y....
  8. GUI interface for writing filters and other extras.
Milestone 3: Make into a firewall.
  1. pipe everything to self via ports.
  2. implement filters to block and monitor.
  3. gui for firewall filters.
Intended dependencies: Cap, WinCap, GTK.